Monday, April 18, 2011

Welcome To The Farm

Hello and welcome to the Wheat Montana Farms & Bakery blog page. I would like to formerly introduce myself. My name is Hillary; I am the daughter of Dean Folkvord the founder of Wheat Montana. As I have finished up my collegiate schooling, I am now learning the ropes of the family business. My dad likes to call it an ‘internship’ with the family. Some days I may be on the farm helping out, in the deli, or any place that needs an extra hand. I must say this does keep my day interesting.

Our family farm is located in dry land country in Montana. We sow our seeds and do the best to raise crops, but we have come to know that our relationship with Mother Nature ultimately determines whether we have a successful year or not. This connection to the land has strengthened my faith in the possibilities, while helping me understand how important it is to prepare for those things that you can control. Coming from a family with strong connections to the land, and one with intergenerational business ties, has also shown me how important it is to trust each other and plan together. 

As I finished out graduate school this year, I was contemplating what direction I should take for a career. I pondered all the different options, my mind and heart kept returning home to our farm in Montana. After analyzing the pros and cons of jumping into the family business, I realized that I have been preparing for a career in business since my sister and I sold produce from our vegetable garden in front of the Wheat Montana Deli. Our first introduction to business and commerce was a lasting lesson about the interaction of man, goods, money, and motivation. While this was business at its most basic level, I have certainly found it ironic how this experience has followed me throughout my life.

My idea for this blog is to inform our customers and potential customers about Wheat Montana. I will give the good, bad and the ugly of the day-to-day business of the farming life. I hope I can inform you all, as well as entertain you with interesting stories of the crazy things that go on at the farm. This should get interesting so stay tuned!!!


  1. Hi Hillary!

    I look forward to hearing the escapades of the upcoming Wheat Montana days.
    Also as a Montana farmer, I'm sure I'll recognize the angst, joys, victories and challenges (of which rain and snow-can you believe it!-is the challenge of this planting season!)

    Even though it is often said, "A farmer is never happy", farming is a very happy business. A great place to raise a family and for your family now, a great place to keep a family.

    We all love Wheat Montana and make your deli a regular stop as we pass through to visit our Washington son and family (taking them WM bread and bagels) who moved away from our farm. Your father is lucky! :)

  2. I have been participating in an A to Z Writing Challenge with a Montana theme. My latest post is about Three Forks and Wheat Montana. Hope you will check it out.

  3. Love that you have a blog now!

  4. Looking forward to hearing more and seeing more. I'm a pastry chef in Phoenix and use Wheat Montana with much love and adoration! Xoxo! Thanks for all you do!